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  • Here is the link to the online store to order spirit packs, cleats and other merchandise if desired. There is also a link to a flyer. The first three items on the online store are the Spirit pack (Blue shirt, shorts and socks). I have explained to the boys priorities in making the orders etc. The spirit pack is more expensive due to a higher quality material and brand. Their are some cheaper shirt options available if needed.
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    registermyathlete.com- Note: This needs to be done if you have not already done it. This process is taking place of the Hard Copy Form A/B that has been done in previous years. Please contact Alana Benson alana.benson@ironmail.org with any questions on this.

    Hi Everyone,
    We had a great year and we are already gearing up for next year. I am so thankful to all of the volunteers that helped make this year so successful. I learned so much this year and hope to make next year even better. I hope that we can get a head start on the volunteer roster for next year- below is a list of the positions, descriptions and approximate hours that your committing to....let me know if you can help:

    Team Parent: (one volunteer for each athletic team)
    The team parent is responsible for scheduling parent volunteers to manage the concession stand for their assigned nights. Each team covers 3-6 concessions per year, depending on the team size. the team parent is also expected to count the concessions drawer at the end of the game and return it to Roy or Alana. The time commitment is about 12-18 hours spread over the year

    (So that parents can watch their students games we rotate teams, for example- Boys basketball team will never be responsible for concessions to boys basketball games but will likely cover a football game or girls basketball game.)

    Everyone loves our tailgates and we love doing them! Next year is Josh's Senior year and I really do not want to miss any of his games. I really need a mom of a younger football player to help set up, bbq (when needed) and clean up tailgate this year. I will work with you to plan out all the tailgate meals and order all the items and there is always a ton of helpers at the game. This takes a couple of hours on home game nights and a little time planning, about 15-20 hours during the season.

    Merchandise Volunteer:
    It would be great to have some help with the PHS Booster Apparel, mostly with inventory and occasionally sales at games. The time commitment would be less than 15 hours over the course of the school year.

    Concessions Inventory:
    It would also be helpful to have someone help me with concessions inventory and orders. This is mostly for times when I am really busy or out of town so it should not be more than 15 hours of total volunteer time.

    Last but not least, I need one person to help with membership at the beginning of the year. No more than 5-10 hours.

    Let me know if you would like to help as soon as possible.

    Thank you all so much,
    Dayla Ulrich

    Parowan High School Boys Football Team Info

    Parents and the Community

    On behalf of myself, the coaches, players and the school I would like to thank you for your support thus far! Especially with the Summer Football Camp this last week I would like to thank all those parents who made it a priority to have their kids attend! We had a great turn out, the kids worked very hard and achieved many successes. Especially with putting in a new defensive and offensive system there could have been many excuses to not get as much done as we did. I appreciate all of you who helped financially with the camp through catering the lunches, dinner, reserving the pool, gas money etc. and of course supporting the kids financially to attend. Thank you for all of your kind words that I have heard directed towards the program this year. It has meant so much to me to come in to a community that I enjoy and desire to be a part of and feel the welcome that you all have given me. I look forward to continue that and the hard work through this summer and the fall season!

    Coach Nielsen

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